Canada World Records

We have a goal to break world records! In doing so, we want to give back to our community and create awareness around various philanthropic causes.

About Us

We’re Canada World Records, an Edmonton-based non-profit that operates in support of our local charitable organizations. Our team is composed of alumni from the University of Alberta, looking to make a positive impact in local Canadian communities. We are passionate about giving back and want to take this to the next level by breaking world records. Every year, we’re going to continue trying to break world records while raising awareness of social issues and fundraising for those in need. If there is a cause or an organization that you would like us to support, we would love to hear from you – Send us a message!

upcoming record

Most People Washing their Faces Online Simultaneously

We are going to get as many people on a ZOOM call so that we can break the current world record of 119 people simultaneously washing their face online. Soap will be provided for local residents as part of their registration package. Expect lots of laughs, great prizes, and an extraordinary clean face! 

January 19th 2022

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